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Natasha Tripplett, MSW



Children's Book Author

Speaker Deck

Author School Visits

Read Aloud, Q&A, and Book Signing

This interactive presentation gets

students excited about reading, writing, and illustrating. Students have the opportunity to ask questions about writing and the publication process.


Read Aloud, Thematic Presentation, and Book Signing

Using the distinct themes in the books, this presentation challenges

students to view

the world and their environment

in new ways. It

empowers students to see opportunities where they can make a difference.

Writer's Workshop

In the Writer's Workshop, students are guided through fun exercises

that help them formulate story

ideas, build characters, and develop juicy plots. Expect a lot of

laughter and enthusiasm for writing.

Speaker Topics and Workshops


Cross-racially Adopted

Speaker details her experiences from being cross-racially adopted, to becoming an adoption

social worker, to connecting with her

biological families. She details her reunion experiences, including the difficulties in seeing herself through the lens of race. Ideal participants include: Upper Elementary Students, Middle School Students, High School Students, College Students, Marketing Professionals, Non-profit Organizations, For-profit Organizations, Churches, Conference Participants, Adoption Professionals, Adoption Parent Groups.

How to use Picture Books to Connect with your Adopted Child.

Adoption can be a really confusing experience for a child. Many adoptees

have big feelings that date back to before they had words to express their feelings. Learn how picture books can open up dialogue and create lasting bonds of trust. Participants will leave with a list of preferred picture books.

Ideal participants include: Non-profit Organizations, For-profit Organizations, Churches, Conference Participants, Adoption Professionals, Adoption Parent Groups.


Writing Your Culture

This inclusive workshop helps

participants to define culture, identify their own, and use a combination of

lived experiences, memories, and exercises to enrich their writing with cultural details. Participants will be coached on how to identify overlooked cultural aspects in stories that they read. This important skill will give participants an advantage when connecting with others and sharing/understanding core beliefs.

Ideal participants include: High

School Students, College Students,

Marketing Professionals, Non-profit Organizations, For-profit Organizations, Churches, Conference

Participants, Team Building, Fundraising Professional.

Why Diverse Representation in Books Matters

Speaker shares her life experiences

growing up in spaces where no one looked like her. She speaks about feeling isolated and living with self-doubt. Using a discussion-format, speaker guides participants and helps them understand how to show up authentically despite fear and isolation. Participants will leave with a list of diverse children's books.

Ideal participants include: High

School Students, College Students, Marketing Professionals, Non-profit

Organizations, For-profit

Organizations, Churches, Conference Participants, Team

Building, Fundraising Professionals.

Professional Refresh Workshops

Making the Most with Metaphors and Similes

Tired of writing cliches? Learn how to utilize literary devices to make your

writing sing. Workshop will provide examples and lead participants in writing exercises that add emotion to the page. Learn how to give your writing the

lyricism it craves. Ideal participants include: Upper Elementary Students, Middle School Students, High School Students, College Students, Marketing Professionals, Non-profit Organizations, For-profit Organizations, Churches, Writing Conferences, Team Building, Fundraising Professionals.

Grammar Refresher

This fun and interactive workshop guides participants through basic grammar lessons. No question is too elementary. Many adults have forgotten the

things they learned in school. That is okay. This workshop is perfect for those who want to empower themselves or their employees to feel confident when drafting emails or creating presentations. Ideal participants include: College

Students, Marketing Professionals, Non-profit Organizations, For-profit

Organizations, Churches, Corporate Conferences, Team Building, Fundraising Professionals.

Adding Emotion to Writing

It is essential for readers to feel connected to characters and stories. Learn how to infuse your writing with emotions that incite empathy. By getting the reader to feel something about what is written, they will feel invested in your story, characters, and/or cause. This keeps them reading or may even encourage them to partner with your organization. Ideal participants include: Upper Elementary Students, Middle School Students, High School Students, College Students, Marketing Professionals, Non-profit Organizations, For-profit Organizations, Churches, Conference Participants, Team Building, Fundraising Professionals.

Client Testimonials

Natasha Tripplett's debut picture book, The Blue Pickup, is a heartwarming and smile- inducing love letter to grandparents and grandkids. The protagonist - a girl! So great to see! - loves working on the truck with her grandpa. Readers will learn about the author's early life in Jamaica and will enjoy watching the intergenerational activities. As a presenter at storytime, Natasha was a PRO! Engaging and perfectly paced, she brought the audience (of all ages) along for the ride in the pickup. What a delight! We look forward to Natasha's future books! - Susan Reckers, Children's Book Specialist, Rakestraw Books

Working with Natasha Tripplett for our library visit was an absolute delight. She had

a fantastic rapport with the classes visiting our library and the kids were captivated by

her engaging presentation. When a wonderful book is shared by someone who is

so generous with their time and talents, well, it really doesn't get any better than that. -

Natasha North, Children's Librarian, Solano County Library

Thank you so much for a fantastic author visit and engaging presentation! The students and staff thoroughly enjoyed your presentation. Your visit truly enriched the learning experience for our students at Sylvia Mendez. - Gaddy Reyes, Library

Media Specialist, Sylvia Mendez Elementary School

Hello Natasha!  Thank you so much for coming to Baltimore to spend the day with us to talk about “Juneteenth Is”! You were amazing with all of the age groups and really created a fun and engaging atmosphere for the students. As I said in person, you definitely have great classroom management skills. Additionally, thank you for creating a book that talks about this important holiday and also represents so many different people. Come back to visit us any time! - Heather Yost, Manager of Children and Young Adult Author Events, Enoch Pratt Free Library

Our school thoroughly enjoyed our author visit!  Natasha is a highly engaging speaker, and her ability to manage the large group of students allowed for plenty of fun and participation while maintaining a calm atmosphere.  Natasha is warm and authentic, and our group came away from the visit feeling excited about stories and writing and community.  I recommend inviting Natasha to your author events!

- Erika Bakker, Principal of Shoreline Christian Elementary School

Emerson School's youngest students (Young 5 through first grade) thoroughly enjoyed Natasha Tripplett and her presentation that centered on her new book, The Blue Pickup.  For many days after her visit, I saw drawings that they had made of the titular pickup.  They added many details from the book, either in their illustrations or the stories they told me about them. Why did they enjoy the presentation so much?  Natasha was so friendly that students, most of whom had never been to an author presentation before, were immediately put at ease. Her sharing of family pictures helped the children see her as a person much like their own parents and that she had been a little girl much like them.  With that kind of welcoming inclusion to an author's life, they were ready to be fully involved and listened well throughout the reading of the story.  There was one more part of the presentation that students especially mentioned to me in the days and weeks after Natasha's visit was her talk about how to treat books.  They loved when she assumed the voice of the book and screamed in pain when her spine was bent or the pages dog eared.  This presentation was a success because Natasha Tripplett was very real and the students felt her kindness and loved her humor. - Linda Lakshminarayanan, Librarian, Emerson School

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