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Natasha Tripplett
Children's Book Author

...writes from a treehouse, perched in a sycamore tree.



Natasha, a Jewish-Jamaican American author, lives in Northern California where she writes from a tree house perched in a sycamore tree. As a baby, Natasha was adopted into a Dutch, Christian family. Growing up on Vancouver Island in Canada, Natasha was acutely aware that she was different from her family; this did not keep her from integrating all the pieces of her identity. Natasha’s multicultural background has allowed her to flow seamlessly through different cultures while bridging gaps that typically divide people. Natasha has her masters degree in social work and practiced in the field of adoptions. She has counseled families, adoptees, and children in foster care. Natasha desires to help adoptees and those in foster care integrate their identity into one cohesive narrative. She has been published in various online magazines. Natasha is represented by Caryn Wiseman of Andrea Brown Literary Agency and has picture books with HarperCollins, Chronicle and WaterBrook. Natasha bubbles with excitement over antiques, chocolate, coffee on the front porch, and cozy movie nights in front of the fireplace with her husband and four children.

photo credit: Heather m Whiting




Coming to a bookstore near you in 2025.

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A tree is an open book, each leaf a page of an ever-changing story.

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